Coalition for Bedford Youth 
Lurgio Chapter

We are a group of Lurgio 7th & 8th graders whose mission is the formation of a safe and fun environment for the beneficial development of the RAL community by developing positive assets and encouraging healthy behaviors.  We encourage mutual respect between self and others. 
 We provide a strong and positive voice for the youth of RAL through activities, community service and outreach

If you think you may want to join us and are wondering where and when we meet,  or you  just want to know what we are up to….you can find out here.

If you were involved or wished you were involved with the McKelvie CAT team, CBY@RAL is Lurgio's version of the CAT team. 

CBY@RAL and CBY TD Team are sister groups. Both groups share advisors, goals and objectives, are treated as individual groups, but come together once during the year to support the annual "Lurgio's Got Talent Show".  

8th Grade students have the opportunity to join both CBY groups. (CBY@RAL & CBY&BHS)
CBY@RAL (7th & 8th grades) meet at Lurgio in the morning before school (see link above for more information), and CBY@BHS (8th-12th grades) meet every other Wednesday evenings, 6:00-7:30 in the Lurgio media center. 
You may choose whichever group best fits your schedule, or even both if you wish.