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CBY gave me the confidence and leadership skills I needed to excel in high school and college. I gained developmental assets through CBY, which taught me my importance in the community and my ability to lead and positively influence my peers. CBY has empowered me to make a difference at my college by becoming the resident of my university sport's team and serving as a TA for my favorite class. I will continue to make a difference and be a positive influence in all my future endeavors.

-Courtney Byer, CBY Alumnus

Being a member of CBY in high school instilled in me the strong desire to be a leader and serve others. I am currently a student at Saint Anselm College and I am in the process of chartering a Circle K club (the collegiate branch of Kiwanis International). Similar to CBY, Circle K is a service and leadership group that also focuses heavily on fellowship with others. In my opinion, this is a direct result of the leadership skills developed and relationships formed while serving the community as a CBYer. Being in CBY sparked leadership potential that I had not previously noticed in myself, in addition to helping me come out of my shell. The opportunities provided by CBY surely made a positive impact on the person I have become and aspire to be.

-Destini Palys, CBY Alumnus

“Participating in CBY was one of the most rewarding experiences of my high school career.  Not only did this organization provide me with the opportunity to serve my community, it allowed me to grow as an individual and develop leadership skills that I would not have been able to gain otherwise.  I joined as a timid eighth grader and left after senior year of high school more confident and having held many leadership positions within the group.  This provided me with the motivation and ability to take on similar roles during college and further kindled my passion for community service.  CBY was the perfect group for me to seek out personal development, social interaction, and community involvement, and I am very proud to have been a part of it." 

Nicole Byer, CBY Alumnus

The power of assets, as instilled in me by CBY, has allowed me to take full advantage of the opportunities I have encountered in my time at Northeastern University. It has taught me how to effectively communicate my thoughts and collaborate with others to create and shape new ideas within my classes and professional career. Overall, I feel CBY provides the perfect environment to establish well-rounded and community-conscious leaders right here in Bedford.

-Sam Carkin, CBY Alumnus

The people involved in CBY are exceptional.  These hard-working students are fun to be around and like to get things done.  Everyone thrives in the positive, friendly and welcoming environment where they can follow, mentor and lead.  CBY's upbeat setting has kept me invested in the organization since day one.  

Elizabeth Eby

As a parent of two present CBY facilitators and one CBY alumni, I don’t think there is a group that any of my children have been involved with that makes me more proud. I don’t need to encourage my kids to do community service. Since CBY is youth driven, they are initiating it, organizing it, doing it, enjoying the experience, and learning how they can better organize next time. The groups success is there’s alone and when the project doesn’t go so well, they own that too. CBY provides real life experience with a chance for everyone to step up and be a leader if they want or help to their comfort level. I don’t know of any other group that incorporates 8th-12th grade students with a chance to be a “CBYer in training” at the Lurgio chapter in 7th grade. My daughter, being involved since 8th grade, was happy to see some familiar faces in the hallways when she transitioned to the high school. You’ll often see pictures of CBYers in the local newspaper. The best compliment I have ever heard from another parent was “those are the types of kids you hope your kids are hanging out with.” Join CBY….it’s a unique experience.

Roxi Nixon

In my opinion, it is the grownups that help out at the Coalition for Bedford Youth that make it so special. I remember when I first came to Bedford 11 years ago. Yvette Vachon and Sherry Chakrin sat me down to explain CBY.  They knew then that kids need to have connections to caring adults.  They need to be involved in projects bigger than themselves and to work together on teams.  That is what builds resiliency when kids face challenges.  And that message continues today.  

Chip McGee

We recently attended the Ross Lurgio talent show sponsored and produced by Coalition for Bedford Youth.  The level of commitment demonstrated by its youth membership is to be commended.  Many people who attend these functions or benefit from CBY volunteers, are not aware that it is the youth members who plan and implement activities.  What a great way to learn and enjoy their successes. Everything may not go smoothly but it's a lesson learned for their next endeavor!

As students performed on stage, the audience, primarily peers, showed a high level of respect and support.  That's exactly what you would hope for from your community!

We have chosen to be supporters of CBY over the years because this organization has consistently strived to support, and promote the development of positive assets within the youth of our community.

Thank you for all you do!
Vachon Dental

“As the Recreation manager, I applaud the Coalition for Bedford Youth (CBY) organization as it is a shining example of youth volunteers taking leadership and helping with the challenges that a small department like mine has, by offering their enthusiasm and help in make community events happen in Bedford.”
Thanks, Jane
Manager, Town of Bedford Parks & Recreation Department